Opening Objectives

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Hello everyone! I’m so glad that you have found this blog amidst the many others that scatter the web. You are probably wondering what makes this blog different from the other ramblings of travelers, dreamers, and so on and can honestly say… I don’t know. Or I should say I don’t know yet. Key word being “yet.” I have tried blogging in the past and found that I either got bored of it or it was taking to much energy. I was putting my thoughts out into the world so that the world would want to read it, not because I wanted to write it. So this is my clean slate. I’m writing what I want to write in the most comical and honest way because that is me. I am the comedic relief in any situation, but I also have my head in the clouds and a love for travel. That is why my site is called “future doer” because that is what I am. A future doer. Right now, I can only dream of what I’ll do, but I am grounded until I at least finish school. But I can dream. I can dream of far away places. I can dream of finding inspiration around the globe. And I can dream that I won’t get car/seasick when I am traveling to wherever I can go. So this is me and I hope I can make you all laugh more than I can make myself laugh.


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